behind the film

the spotted sphinx


Our Impact

The Spotted Sphinx is a donor funded, non-profit production sending 100% of profits to cheetah conservation. The aim of production is to enlarge the donor base through an emotive, entertaining drama-documentary designed to reach the everyday person as well as the committed conservationist.


We will take a journey into the spiritual nature of cheetahs and explore the awesome physical traits of this mysterious animal while exploring the uniquely deep relationships people past & present have with them.

This feature length documentary-drama will highlight and re-enact some of the poignant moments that show the deep connection between Joy Adamson the world renowned conservationist [Born Free} and Pippa the cheetah during her re-wilding experiment as revealed through Joy’s books, The Spotted Sphinx and Pippa’s Challenge. Through contemporary interviews with cheetah conservationists and Joy Adamson’s experiences with her beloved cheetah, Pippa, we’ll reveal the physical nature and the inner workings of this magnificent cat and explore what their impossible existence means to unlocking the hidden secrets of this world and past civilizations.

Our Goals


Directly support cheetah conservation efforts.


Connect audiences with an up-close and personal glimpse into the personalities of cheetahs.


Explore the spiritual, scientific and historical significance of cheetahs.


Launch a new model for public funding and support of animal conservation.